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Private investigation companies are very efficient in providing different types of services which can help the victims in every manner they can. These services may include the task like searching and tracking the people and background verification of the potential employees. They also even track their mobile calls and messaging in order to reach the depth of the truth. Among this effective service, the most famous or efficient service that has become necessity in today’s world is fraud investigation services.

In fraud investigation services they investigate any type of fraud regarding investments or internet or insurance. This type of investigation is a very complicated task. It includes multiple tasks having different type of targets and results. One of the most popular types of the fraud investigation service is investment fraud investigation and this type is usually found in multiple investment companies who claim to be the most reputed and genuine companies.

It has been observed that in USA there are approximately 90% of the investment companies are found to be fraud every year and this is extremely affecting the business industry very much. This is mostly happening in the senior citizens and rich people who can think twice before investing in any company. Moreover, senior citizens are most likely to believe to anyone and have major saving in their bank accounts.Colt Ledger

Investment fraud investigation services are very important in order to recover the investments of these innocent people. Therefore, it has become necessity to hire a team that are the best private investigators to carry out most complicated investigations into what has gone wrong. For an instance, if Services of Colt Ledger are very effective as the most efficient fraud investigator firm.

Under the spectrum of investment fraud investigations comes fraud tracing, which targets to identify where misused investments have gone. The team of the private investigators have the capability to build forensic evidence and also give suggestion on the instant actions that are needed to be taken against these frauds in order to obtain search orders everywhere they are needed.Colt Ledger And associates

Also, most of the efficient services will use smart gadgets including high quality equipments and vehicles in order to carry out the most investigation strategy. Even they also carry out the best and heavy surveillance in this type of service, and convert tracking strategies are usually used to uncover the excuses along with the illegal or misuse of the investment in the case.

Even these private investigation firms are highly prominent to maintain the higher standards of ethic and strict codes of conduct which make sure that the evidence is obtained legally and is acceptable in a court of law. Thankfully, we have some of the best private investigation firms in our country which are specialize in providing services in the area where investment fraud is the major issue. Colt Ledger is very famous man associated with a very good private investment fraud investigation firm that is very effective in finding the missing investments and fraud anywhere.




















Colt Ledger Private Investigator

Colt Ledger Private Investigator

Near the end of 2008, Bernie Madoff became a household name from all the major news sources for the massive amount of money he had taken through fraudulent deception. The rise in an eldery population in the United States serves as an “all you can eat” buffet to those like Madoff. The older generations were raised to be more polite and trusting, leaving them far more vulnerable to the evil acts being purpetrated against them through different flavors of investment fraud. According to the U.S. Census, less than 1 in 8 Americans are over the age of 65. Considering the U.S. Government considers a person elderly at 55 in laws pertaining to protecting elderly against financial crimes, it means more than 12.5% of Americans are targets for the would be schemer.

Colt Ledger And Associates, Inc. | Helping Victims Recovery Their Money

Since opening our doors, we’ve heard many stories from clients about being talked out of their nest eggs, retirement funds, life savings, children’s college funds, etc. We have clients who have been forced into selling their homes to live in cramped apartments and worse because they mortgaged their property in order to invest more into a proposed “sure thing.” This is not uncommon! The owners of these fraudulent companies could care less if you end up on the street. They thrive on knowing many feel too ashamed to tell their story to others. Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to this corruption. We are here to help. We are here to stay!

Our Mission

To bring about justice, integrity, trust and fairness by leveling both public and private arenas, restoring the honorable principles and values on which America was founded by aggressively confronting corruption, fraud, and those who hold themselves above the law; to make wrongs right by giving voice and action to the victims
Who We Are

Colt Ledger & Associates Inc. is a licensed Private Investigation firm. We investigate Oil & Gas, Precious Metal, Movies, Pre IPO’s, and any other private placement investment company for scam, fraud, and criminal activity. If you feel as though you are a victim in one or more of these situations, we may be able to help you. Feel free to take our Scam Exam if you feel you could possibly have fallen prey to one of the scenarios above.

What We Do

We specialize in recovering private placement investment funds that were fraudulently obtained from you by unscrupulous individuals and/or companies. We are a very aggressive advocate for you. We are NOT attorneys, however, we have some of the best attorneys available to us. We are NOT CPA’s, however, we have access to them as well. We are not law enforcement agencies, but we have access to individuals whom have retired from the force. Most importantly, Colt Ledger is NOT a nice man! He is void of empathy and/or sympathy for the people who took your money. It doesn’t take a nice man to deal with individuals guilty of fraud, it takes Colt Ledger!